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These are some of the comments we received after out shows


In the past, I have commented that I felt Royal Caribbean needed to upgrade their entertainment onboard.
During my recent cruise to Bermuda on Empress, I’m happy to say how thrilled we were when we caught the Flamenco/Rumba music show “Ole Ole.” It featured the music of Luis Mejia, who has mastered classical guitar, along with an outstanding percussionist and also hosts two dancers.
Frankly, we were mesmerized. The dance was fabulous, as the guitar and percussion. We got to meet the group after the show. We bought their CD for $20 and it was the best $20 I have ever spent.
I emailed the contact at the website, and Luis Mejia himself replied. Hopefully soon he will be posting their schedule. We would travel a long way just to see them perform again!
To any employees of RCL reading this: If this is your answer to our prayers in getting better entertainment, you are certainly on the right track. The music by Ole Ole certainly was right on the money. Keep and retain this fine group. I am certain that others who have caught this band can attest to what I am saying here!

Ole, Ole!!!!

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This had to be the best of the 4 cruises we’ve taken with Royal Caribbean. Great itinerary (the one with Alexandria), lovely crew, best food we’ve eaten in the MDR on any of our 4 cruises (think being on MTD may have helped). A couple of headliner shows (East Coast Boys and Ole Ole) were the best we’d seen on a cruise.



We went to the La Scala theatre for Ole Ole (Bev the shows and costumes on this ship have to been seen to be believed you’d love it)

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